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Welcome to another product review! Today I’m going to be reviewing the WHITE Gelly Roll gel pen in the 05,08, and 10. I searched high and low, and spent many painstaking hours searching out the best white pens, markers and even pencils. Each Gelly Roll pen had positive and negative qualities that I’ll discuss, as well as my favorite way to put these to use! Ok so without wasting anytime because I know I don’t have much time, and you are likely here for the quickest yes or no to the ultimate question...”Do these pens work and should I spend my money on them?” The short answer to that is, yes, BUT it depends on how you will be using them. Now before you get irritated and move on to the next review, let me very quickly explain! It depends most importantly on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to add highlight to a graphite pencil drawing? Maybe acrylic paint or alcohol based markers? Each also have their list of pros and cons.
I’ll start with the overall performance. The pens work really well overall. I have tried everything from paint pens to wax based colored pencils to highlight my drawings or paintings and nothing seemed to work the way I wanted it to. Then came along the Gelly Roll. They don’t skip and always lay down a solid white that is noticeable and pops well. However, as with any gel pen if you have to go back over it it tends to scratch up what you already drew and is semi counter productive, so be sure to let it dry before going back over it. Then if you are doing a lot of line work with it sometimes the gel will build up and cause the ball point to not roll but simply wiping it off fixes that. The size 10 has become my favorite because I love the nice thick line it produces and it seems to be the most reliable for consistently giving the same amount of ink and it’s hard to get it to skip or jam up. The 08 is my second favorite because I can do smaller line work with it and it too provides an awesome amount of coverage and reliability. The 05 is ehh ok. And I say that simply because it is super fine point. Almost hairline it’s so thin. I have found because it’s so fine point the gel is a bit thick to provide a consistent amount of ink without skipping or the ball point getting stuck. Also it’s far more likely to scratch the ink if you try to go back over a spot. I don’t really need a line that fine anyways but if I do then it gets the job done. So yes Gelly Roll pens are worth every penny in my opinion! You just have to get the right size for the job you are doing. I hope that helps a little in your search for the perfect white gel pen!
Gelly Roll Pen Review