Milo Art Markers
So my marker of choice was the Milo. I’ll admit, I wasn’t so convinced how well they would do when compared to the other big name brands that we won’t mention here (**cough** Copic) They did however have the dual tip I was looking for, a good variety of different shades and they were far more affordable. The markers dual tips consist of the long brush,
And then the wide chisel side..
Alright it’s time for a review on Art Markers! Ya!!! I have actually been looking forward to this review. Finding a decent alcohol art marker that doesn’t cost half of your years salary is no easy task. It’s no secret that art markers of most brands tend to be priced with the struggling to make ends meet artists in mind. If you have never stood contemplating your life and decisions that led you to the point of trying to decide between a marker and eating dinner... you may not be an artist. Well at least one who uses alcohol markers anyways.
So I ended up choosing a 48 piece set which I felt would give me the most bang for my buck. Plus, I figure for less than a $1 a marker I couldn’t go wrong. Boy was I right! I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of Milo! They are highly pigmented which for me was the challenging part because I had to practice the blending. These markers really brought some competition to the table. The brush sides are nice and flexible and can create different strokes with ease. While the chisel side lays down even color that is still blend able.