Welcome to a very cheap website..! First let me say I’m happy you landed here on my DIY blog, and secondly if you are looking for my Shabby cheap tricks then hit the menu in the top left! If you are anything like myself you are most likely looking for some quick advice, recipe, or even a step by step guide on an awesome project you want to recreate? Well I believe you are in the right spot my friend! I have a passion for arts and crafts and when I first started getting into making craft projects I soon realized that it can become expensive! Like quickly! You see this cute little Pinterest post and you are thinking you can own that piece of furniture or make that journal no problem! Only to soon realize halfway through your list at the crafts store that this stuff really adds up quickly! Me too friends... me too. Well I’m please to say I have been in that spot where I’m up to my elbows is paint and glue with $5 left in your pocket and suddenly realize I’m out of sanding paper. That’s why I’m here today! To pass on the bits of knowledge I wish someone had shown me! How to actually create these awesome DIY projects without spending tons of money to do so, because that’s why we do this right!? I have tested quite a few theories and some have really been awesome money saving alternatives and others... well we won’t speak of those other times because we are perfect and we only make Pinterest perfect stuff around here! Just kidding guys calm down.
A cheap website.. “Shabby Cheap”